Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A taste by the Thames. Food venders were out in the cold cooking up some good ol' English eats.

Another lion you say? Why yes, but of course!

Luckily, a couple of storm troopers were keeping watch at the County Hall.

One more silhouette as the sun went down...sadly, the last we'd see of it.

Sun going down on a beautiful day over the Thames.

Sunset while riding the Eye.

London skyline.

Views from the Eye were amazing. London in December?....You bet your buttons!

Under the Eye....you are being watched!!!

On our way to one of the biggest ferris wheels in the world.....the London Eye.

More of Ben with his little tiny brother towers, also known as the Houses of Parliament. Blue sky!!!

Big Ben looms over head amidst a real London blue sky! And they said it only happens in fairy tales.....

Nice painting in the Tower.

King Henry VIII, in his dazzling armor, was said to be a man of compensation. With 6 wives, methinks so.

The Last Samurai??? Nope, just a Japanese gift to an English king. My guess is he never wore it.

Gin and Beer? That's the names of these two blokes.

A beautiful place of worship at the top of the White Tower.

More decorative weapons in the White Tower. Makes one think they had something to guard, yet I was scared enough by the lion on the wall.

Inside the White Tower, where they certainly aren't gun shy.

Monday, January 14, 2008

The White Tower!.....no.... not Lord of the Rings, but where the English Kings of Yore lived!

These are the living quarters of Yeoman Warders who give tours of the Tower. They are soldiers who have spent at least 22 years in the Royal Army with certain honors and serve as historians of the Tower.

At the grounds of the Tower of London where prisoners were punished for their crimes by means of beheading. This is the fortress where the crown jewels are kept.

One of the many lion statues in London, this guy rests at Trafalgar Square.

Seen from a bus tour, the top of St. Paul's cathedral.

Jolly Old England

As part of a birthday present, a football match, and reuniting with old friends, I took a trip to London Town this last December. My last European trip was in '96 and I figured it was time to explore again and try to retain some culture. It was a glorious trip, but bitterly cold! Still managed to photograph some of the city. Enjoy!