Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Drogba eventually slotted the game winner...when the ball comes to him, that is all he can do.

This is what happens when you mess with Chelsea.

Shevy in the mix.

This guy would not stop talking to this girl. Literally the entire game he was going at it and she remained like this the whole time. Nice try buddy.

Robben and Carvalho.

Drogba cannot believe he didn't score.

Joe Cole all by himself.

Lampard showing his appreciation.

Essien getting his stretch on.

John Terry warming up.

The camera men brought their big guns.

Chelsea vs Blue Wings

Saw this game recently in LA. Chelsea came to town for a tour and a tournament. Here they are against the Suwon Blue Wings.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Hungry hippo. Hungry enough to come out of the water at least.

It was hard to tell what this creature was at first. He was hidden in the front of his area. But when you looked straight down, you saw this rhino taking a dip in the pool.

Tiger on the prowl. Some little kids were screaming at it and he got all riled up. You could just tell what he was muttering to himself.

Somehow, these guys knew it was time for the photo shoot. The poses crack me up. A nice family picture to hang on their rock wall.

Lazy days for this guy. What makes a better perch than a rock? Wish I could sleep like that.

The Chimpanzees were hilarious. Their behaviour was so human-like, and they showed a lot of emotion.

These giraffes were around 17 feet tall and could stretch out their necks to come within arms reach.

My favorite shot of the trip. I get a sense of grace and power from these animals.

Such beautiful creatures. The male keeps cool and watches the crowd; they won't be taking his mate.

The female lion trying to stay cool, or playing hard to get with her mate.

Mesmerizing patterns to get lost in.

How do Zebras scratch their head? Like this.

Some sort of mountain goat roaming his area. His horns were incredible.

Not sure what this was, but it looked like a hedgehog to me. This guy paced back and forth as if to guard his keep. Perhaps he was a bit troubled.

The Koalas were getting a little shady sleep. This guy stretched, yawned, and continued his afternoon nap.

It was too hot for the Kangaroos, LA is the new Outback.

Gator relaxing in the water. He barely even blinked.

Been meaning to go for awhile, but finally made it out to the LA Zoo. An amazing variety of animals that you can get fairly close too. The zoo was cool but the weather was broiling. The flamencos didn't mind though.