Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Do you see a "sinking ship". That's what they call this one.

Desert plants.

Moss in the desert? But of course! This area remains, dark, cool and damp enough to maintain a moss garden. Hence, it is called the Mossy Caves.

The only waterfall I saw on the entire trip and the ensuing stream.

Lizard! These suckers were fast.

Bryce sunset, many photo opps here. Look for the poodle in the rocks.

As I was out hunting for better photo angles, I came across this painter. He was painting some of the hoodoos at Bryce to enter in a contest of painting Utah's national parks. His name is Mark Lemon. Check out his site (, he's got some nice stuff on there.

Out of Wall Street, and into the light.....

This section was called Wall Street. Gnarly twists and turns down to the bottom...I'm dreaming of a snowboard run.

Helicopter rides were given for aerial views of the canyon. Looks pretty sweet from here.

One of the cabins we stayed at was surrounded by farmland. We met the owner of the cabins who tended the land, along with many other animals. This man lived with horses, mule, donkey, sheep, chickens, peacocks, llamas, buffalo, and a dog. Though they bred freely, none of them he used for food, and rarely did he sell any of them. Just an animal lover, I guess.

Aspen trees were turning and we had to stop off the side of the road and shoot some.

Rock Doorways.

Rock windows.

Desert Trees.

Try holding that pose.

Lunch break after some tough hiking.

A Steller's Blue Jay hopped right up to us on the trail. Interesting compliment to the orange rock landscape.

Mini hoodoos...this was a cool rock garden off the trail.

Hoodoos, formed by natural erosion, came in many different shapes and sizes.